22:05:22 <gregdek> #startmeeting Infrastructure Meeting, 30 November 2011
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22:05:33 * obino I need a dual monitor
22:05:46 <gregdek> #topic Open Issues: https://projects.eucalyptus.com/redmine/projects/community-infrastructure/issues
22:06:11 <gregdek> .proj 65
22:06:12 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 65 (New): Open port 443 on the meetbot instance's security group - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/65
22:06:17 <obino> roll call?
22:06:24 <obino> or is it just the 2 of us lol
22:06:30 <gregdek> I think it's just us.  :)
22:06:42 <gregdek> Everyone seems pretty heads down today.
22:06:57 <obino> I think it is still the turkey
22:07:14 <gregdek> LOL
22:07:27 <gregdek> Shall we wait for gholms?  He has a number of the tickets.
22:08:11 <obino> let's start with the ones he doesn't own
22:08:36 <obino> some are actually in my court ...
22:08:43 <gregdek> OK.
22:08:49 <gregdek> So is 65 yours?
22:08:59 <obino> yes, let me do it
22:10:24 <gregdek> Are we waiting for you to do it real time, obino?  :)
22:10:32 <obino> getting help from darren
22:10:33 <obino> lol
22:10:39 <obino> forgot how to use euca-authorize
22:11:39 <obino> pbkec how about I do it later
22:11:52 <gregdek> Okey doke.  :)
22:12:10 <gregdek> Is .proj 66 the same, basically?
22:12:16 <gregdek> .proj 66
22:12:17 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 66 (New): Get a X.509 certificate for meetbot.eucalyptus.com - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/66
22:12:29 <obino> nope: that one we need andrew
22:13:10 <gregdek> OK. Who can drive that with Andrew?
22:14:19 <gregdek> Just need to know who's chasing it.  Is that you, obino?
22:14:38 <dstagnaro_euca> hspencer you there?
22:14:39 <obino> sure I can
22:14:53 <dstagnaro_euca> I'll talk to harold and we'll figure it out
22:15:05 <dstagnaro_euca> obino delegated :)
22:15:15 * gregdek looks to see if dstagnaro_euca is in redmine...
22:15:17 * gholms un-volunteers for everything people assigned to him in his absence
22:15:37 <gregdek> gholms: we didn't get that far.  ;)
22:15:46 <gholms> :D
22:16:54 <gregdek> dstagnaro_euca: looks like you don't have an account on redmine.
22:16:56 <dstagnaro_euca> gregdek: pending admin approval
22:16:58 <dstagnaro_euca> :)
22:17:01 <gregdek> Can you s et one up?
22:17:02 <gregdek> LOL
22:17:03 <gregdek> OK
22:17:06 <gregdek> One sec.
22:17:09 <dstagnaro_euca> hehe, no worries
22:18:41 <gregdek> dstagnaro_euca: activated.
22:19:16 <gregdek> dstagnaro_euca and hspencer both added to project.
22:19:17 <dstagnaro_euca> awesome
22:19:18 <dstagnaro_euca> thx much
22:20:03 <gregdek> Assigning issues.  :)
22:20:04 <dstagnaro_euca> awesome, signed in and on the project page
22:20:08 <dstagnaro_euca> sounds good
22:20:23 <dstagnaro_euca> may end up being hspencer who does it, but I'll at least follow-up
22:20:57 <gregdek> Done. :)
22:21:09 <dstagnaro_euca> gregdek, graziano got issue 65 done
22:21:10 <obino> .proj 65
22:21:11 <eucabot|test> obino: Issue 65 (Closed): Open port 443 on the meetbot instance's security group - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/65
22:21:13 <dstagnaro_euca> he's still working on it
22:21:19 <gregdek> woot!
22:21:38 <gregdek> So lemme talk about 63 for a minute:
22:21:40 <gregdek> .proj 63
22:21:41 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 63 (New): Create lists for redmine events and SCM commits - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/63
22:21:48 <gregdek> Here's the issue in a nutshell.
22:21:57 <gregdek> We were confused about how redmine notifies.
22:22:15 <gregdek> There was an assumption that we were sending emails TO community@ueucalyptus.com from redmine.
22:22:19 <gregdek> We were not.
22:22:29 <gregdek> We were, in fact, sending emails FROM community@eucalyptus.com from Redmine.
22:22:48 <gregdek> THese emails are sent to *individuals* who subscribe to redmine tickets.
22:22:54 <gregdek> Which means:
22:23:27 <gregdek> a. I changed Redmine to send as "projects@eucalyptus.com" (for which we might actually want an email alias, heh)...
22:23:40 <gregdek> (Since I just now realized that it probably bounces if you reply to it)
22:24:06 <gregdek> And b. individuals have to choose to turn their own notifications settings on or off.
22:24:09 <gregdek> Does that make sense?
22:24:37 <gholms> Just curious, does it always default to sending mail for everything?
22:25:12 <gregdek> It defaults to sending for projects that you own, I think.
22:25:21 <gholms> Ok
22:25:24 <gregdek> Since you're an owner of infra, you will get all of those tix.
22:25:32 <gregdek> We can knock you down to member and see how that works...
22:25:51 <gholms> I already cranked the setting down, so it's too late to test that.
22:25:57 <gregdek> Oh, ok.  No worries.
22:25:59 <gholms> *notification setting
22:25:59 <dstagnaro_euca> can you test with me?
22:26:03 <gregdek> At least now we understand how it works.
22:26:05 <dstagnaro_euca> i've not changed anything
22:26:15 <gregdek> dstagnaro_euca: sure.
22:26:28 <gregdek> Lemme update a ticket that you haven't touched, but is still in the infra group.
22:26:33 <gregdek> One sec.
22:26:36 <dstagnaro_euca> k
22:27:06 <gregdek> OK, just updated 68.
22:27:09 <gregdek> .proj 68
22:27:10 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 68 (New): HOWTO for running a project - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/68
22:27:19 <gregdek> dstagnaro_euca: check to see if you got email.
22:27:30 <dstagnaro_euca> on it
22:27:44 <dstagnaro_euca> yes, I do need to work on it :)
22:27:46 <dstagnaro_euca> got it
22:28:06 <dstagnaro_euca> came from projects@
22:28:17 <dstagnaro_euca> though I seem to be Bcc'd as I'm not in the To field
22:28:23 <gregdek> OK. So looks like if you're in the project *at all*, you get issue notify by default.
22:28:24 <dstagnaro_euca> expected?
22:28:38 <gregdek> Seems right.  Haven't looked closely yet.
22:28:39 <dstagnaro_euca> seems to work exactly like RT
22:28:48 <obino> I think one can chance on the settings
22:28:56 <dstagnaro_euca> makes sense
22:28:57 * gregdek takes a quick look.
22:29:08 <dstagnaro_euca> are those changes that can be done on a per project basis?
22:29:09 * gholms recommends trying this after the meeting
22:29:09 <dstagnaro_euca> or is it global
22:29:27 <gholms> It looks global to me, but I didn't look too hard.
22:29:40 * gholms changed the setting under "My account"
22:30:00 <gregdek> Nothing obviously settable in my quick look at globals.
22:30:01 <dstagnaro_euca> k
22:30:06 <gregdek> But I think it's ok for now.
22:30:11 <dstagnaro_euca> would be nice to change it on a per project
22:30:52 <gregdek> Yeh, but I'll have to dig there.
22:31:03 <gregdek> OK, lemme see.
22:31:08 * gregdek looks back at issue list.
22:31:28 <gregdek> Ah.
22:31:31 <gregdek> .proj 28
22:31:32 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 28 (In Progress): We need a meetingbot in #eucalyptus - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/28
22:31:42 <dstagnaro_euca> nice
22:31:51 <obino> My account -> email notification?
22:32:04 <dstagnaro_euca> that is done yes?
22:32:46 <gregdek> Well, looks like gholms still has some open items there...
22:32:55 <gregdek> It certainly looks fine to me so far.  :)
22:33:11 <gregdek> It's been running our meetings for almost a month now, smooth as glass.
22:33:24 <dstagnaro_euca> money
22:33:35 <gholms> We need to sit down and figure this script out.
22:33:36 <dstagnaro_euca> ssshhhh, web is here now
22:34:01 <gregdek> gholms: what's the relative importance of what's left?
22:34:44 <gholms> The way things stand now, eucabot can only be installed by hand, and its databases and meeting logs are not backed up.
22:35:05 <gregdek> Ah, well.  That's definitely suboptimal, then.
22:35:08 <gholms> It *works*, yes.
22:35:31 <gholms> But the goal is to have a working recipe that lets us spawn a new eucabot instance easily.
22:35:54 <gregdek> Is that the kind of thing that's gonna take a big chunk of time that's not currently available?
22:36:17 <gholms> That depends on how much red tape we encounter.
22:36:21 <gholms> SSL certificates, for instance.
22:36:54 <gregdek> Ah, so the completion of this depends on 65 and 66, then.
22:37:06 <gregdek> dstagnaro_euca: YOU ARE BLOCKING HIM!
22:37:24 <gregdek> Been an issue owner for 10 minutes, and already in the way.
22:37:28 <dstagnaro_euca> ah crap
22:37:34 <dstagnaro_euca> its in process.... :)
22:37:46 <gholms> ;)
22:38:10 <dstagnaro_euca> I'll talk with the guys after this.  with andrew back tomorrow we should be able to knock this out
22:38:11 <gholms> Beyond that it's mostly just a case of -ENOTIME.
22:39:04 <dstagnaro_euca> is 65 really a blocker though??
22:39:14 <dstagnaro_euca> just being picky :)
22:39:16 <gregdek> OK. Well, it's good to ping every week until the time comes free.
22:39:26 <gregdek> Since it does seem high-ish priority comparatively.
22:40:08 <gholms> It can be done with a self-signed cert for now.
22:40:34 <gholms> The script just won't be completely "done" until we decide on a final cert to use.
22:40:59 <gregdek> OK.
22:41:12 <gregdek> I think we get this.  We'll just keep checking in, unless anyone else has anything.
22:41:50 * gregdek looks back at list.
22:42:02 <gregdek> .proj 33
22:42:03 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 33 (New): Public Google calendar with Eucalyptus meeting info - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/33
22:42:12 <gregdek> Done. Lemme take a sec to update and close.
22:43:21 <gregdek> GAH
22:43:26 * gregdek is logged in as admin, grr
22:43:41 <gregdek> Interesting that you can't close issues if they're not assigned to you, even if you're admin.
22:44:52 <obino> I could close the previous ticket
22:45:00 <gregdek> Oh.
22:45:13 <gregdek> So maybe it's "can't close if you're not a member of the project."
22:45:25 <gregdek> Or s/member/owner.
22:45:31 <gregdek> Anyway. Closed now. :)
22:45:53 <gregdek> And then...
22:45:55 <gregdek> .proj 68
22:45:56 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 68 (New): HOWTO for running a project - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/68
22:46:12 <gregdek> Haven't done this, no time this week, maybe next week.
22:46:52 * gregdek should really set a deadline there.
22:47:05 <gregdek> But, not this week. :)
22:47:18 <gregdek> And then...
22:47:20 <gregdek> .proj 60
22:47:21 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 60 (New): Allow embedded HTML on Redmine pages - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/60
22:47:31 <gregdek> ...is low priority, unless someone else thinks it's high priority.
22:47:54 <gholms> That was just a plugin, right?
22:47:57 <gregdek> Any questions about any of the opens?  i think that's all of them.
22:48:09 <gregdek> gholms: yes, and even that plugin didn't do quite what I wanted.
22:48:17 <gholms> :\
22:48:23 <gregdek> It's really specific to html embed stuff.
22:48:35 <gholms> Gotcha.
22:49:37 <gregdek> Any other Qs about opens?
22:49:49 <gregdek> If not...
22:49:55 <gregdek> #topic Open Floor
22:50:09 * gregdek raises hand.  :)
22:50:12 <gholms> Heh
22:50:44 <gregdek> I still get Internal Error when I try to log in and check "stay logged in".
22:50:47 <gregdek> Does anyone else get this?
22:51:15 <obino> i do that too
22:51:19 <obino> no idea what is it
22:51:46 <gregdek> So it seems like we could:
22:51:50 <gregdek> a. figure it out;
22:51:59 <gregdek> b. hack the login page to remove that option.  LOL.
22:52:49 <gregdek> In any case, we should probably add it to the list of issues, since it will confuse noobs, of whom we'll have more and more.
22:52:58 <gregdek> Approved 2 community accts this week.
22:53:23 <gholms> Counting dstagnaro_euca? :)
22:53:30 <gregdek> He would be #3.  :)
22:53:35 <gholms> Yay!
22:54:02 <gregdek> #action gregdek will add "stay logged in" issue.
22:54:51 <gregdek> Any other opens?
22:55:27 <gregdek> OK, then
22:55:34 <gregdek> Banging the gavel in 3...
22:55:40 <gregdek> 2...
22:55:45 <gregdek> 1...
22:55:50 <gregdek> 1/2...
22:55:53 <gregdek> #endmeeting