22:07:12 <gholms> #startmeeting Community Infrastructure (7 Dec 2011)
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22:07:18 <gholms> #meetingname infrastructure
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22:07:26 <gholms> #chair gregdek obino
22:07:26 <eucabot|test> Current chairs: gholms gregdek obino
22:07:33 <gregdek> gholms: was it just hanging out too long?
22:07:47 <gholms> Dunno
22:07:58 <gholms> #topic Issue 28: We need a meetingbot in #eucalyptus
22:08:02 <gholms> .proj 28
22:08:03 <eucabot|test> gholms: Issue 28 (In Progress): We need a meetingbot in #eucalyptus - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/28
22:08:08 <gholms> gregdek: Carry on.
22:08:13 <gregdek> Well. Hiccups aside...
22:08:21 * gregdek looks at the actual issue.
22:08:40 <gregdek> backup, httpd config, testing.
22:08:52 <gregdek> I suppose it's not useful to break this up, right?  better to check in every week?
22:09:06 * eucabot|test hiccups
22:09:14 <gholms> ...
22:09:33 <gholms> It's more or less an ongoing effort.
22:09:53 <gholms> I guess we could split it into sub-tickets if we wanted, but it probably wouldn't accomplish a whole lot.
22:10:06 <gregdek> Yeah, fine with me.
22:10:16 <gregdek> So how did eucabot hiccup, anyway?
22:10:31 <gholms> I have no idea.
22:10:33 * gholms checks logs
22:10:49 <gregdek> No, I mean, how did this happen: 14:09:07  * eucabot|test hiccups
22:11:07 <gholms> I have no idea.
22:11:18 <gholms> Skynet?!
22:11:35 <gregdek> LOL
22:11:45 <gregdek> Actually, that's kind of creeping me out.
22:12:04 <obino> anonymous?
22:12:15 <gregdek> Aaaaanyway, let's just leave that ticket open and move on.
22:12:24 <obino> good call :)
22:12:24 <gholms> Looks like it timed out yesterday and the IRC server didn't pass its password to NickServ.
22:12:37 * gholms will work on a NickServ plugin later
22:12:52 <gregdek> thx, gholms.
22:12:59 <rbergeron> I fed him too much champagne.
22:13:05 <rbergeron> Bubbles make you hiccup.
22:13:06 <gholms> rbergeron: :|
22:13:13 <rbergeron> :)
22:13:21 * rbergeron will never do it again
22:13:26 <gholms> Suuuure
22:14:01 <gregdek> .proj 63
22:14:02 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 63 (New): Create lists for redmine events and SCM commits - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/63
22:14:14 <gholms> #topic Issue 63 - Create lists for redmine  events and SCM commits
22:14:31 <gregdek> I think we discussed this last meeting.
22:15:05 <gregdek> The open question now is: do we care about sending commits on projects to a list, or do we want to allow the individual default sending of commits to individuals within each project?
22:15:59 <gregdek> To send commits to the list, we'd just have to create a user, make that user a member of each project, and set their email address to commits-list.
22:16:06 <obino> I think individual should make decisions
22:16:13 <obino> redmines already allows that
22:16:22 <gregdek> That's what I think too.
22:16:35 <gregdek> Unless someone strongly disagrees, I'll just close this one WONTFIX.
22:17:20 <gregdek> Going...
22:17:22 <gregdek> going...
22:17:24 <gregdek> closed.
22:17:29 <gregdek> OK, moving on!
22:17:34 * gholms recommends #agreed
22:18:15 <gholms> My point for filing the bug was to get that crap out of my inbox, so leaving it alone is fine by me. ;)
22:18:26 <gregdek> #agreed We will not send commits from Redmine to any mailing lists, but will allow individuals to choose their settings.
22:18:33 <gregdek> Next:
22:18:38 <gregdek> .proj 66
22:18:39 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 66 (New): Get a X.509 certificate for meetbot.eucalyptus.com - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/66
22:18:46 <gholms> #topic Issue 66 - Get a X.509 certificate for  meetbot.eucalyptus.com
22:19:03 <gregdek> This one is darren's, and since he's not here, anyone know the status?
22:19:20 <obino> don't think anything happened here
22:19:20 <gholms> I haven't seen anything related to it.
22:19:29 <gholms> It's probably just going to be a star-certificate.
22:19:58 <gregdek> OK.  Will ping Darren offline.
22:20:12 <gregdek> #action gregdek will ping darren re: x.509 / ticket 66
22:20:35 <gregdek> Next up:
22:20:38 <gregdek> .proj 68
22:20:39 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 68 (New): HOWTO for running a project - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/68
22:20:46 <gholms> #topic Issue 68 - HOWTO for running a project
22:20:58 <gregdek> Nothing this last week, but I actually expect to draft something this week.
22:21:08 <gregdek> So I'll set the due date there for 12/14.
22:21:35 <gregdek> Happy to get feedback once it's up.
22:21:55 <gregdek> A good "how to use meetbot for a meeting" section would be great -- because then maybe I'd follow it!
22:22:18 <gregdek> Any Qs there?
22:22:31 * gholms can expand eucabot's documentation if it is insufficient
22:22:43 <obino> eager to see the HOWTO :)
22:22:46 <gregdek> No, it's well-documented elsewhere.
22:22:57 <gregdek> Well...
22:23:20 <gregdek> ...actually, lemme work on the meeting HOWTO and check back.  I may take you up on that.
22:23:38 <gregdek> Let's see... what's next?
22:23:50 <gregdek> .proj 60
22:23:51 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 60 (New): Allow embedded HTML on Redmine pages - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/60
22:24:00 <gholms> #topic Issue 60 - Allow embedded HTML on Redmine pages
22:24:58 <gregdek> Yeah, I'm less sure I need this.
22:25:10 <gholms> CLOSED->KILLITWITHFIRE
22:25:26 <gholms> Bleh, wrong channel
22:25:29 <gregdek> The original goal was to embed gcal stuff, but I think we're ok there.
22:25:35 <gregdek> gholms: LOL
22:25:49 <gregdek> Doesn't mean you're wrong!
22:25:56 <gholms> trufax
22:26:09 <gregdek> CLOSED->KILLITWITFIRE
22:26:17 <gregdek> I dropped an H.
22:26:20 <gregdek> Bad copypasta.
22:26:20 * obino ducking out to grab something to eat before next 2 meetings ...
22:26:31 <gregdek> OK.  I think we're done, actually.
22:26:31 <gholms> Let's close it until something new actually needs it.
22:26:50 <gregdek> #agreed close ticket 60 / embedded HTML until someone needs it.
22:26:58 <gregdek> #topic Open Floor
22:27:25 * gholms hands obino a can of bread energizer
22:27:29 <gregdek> We have some folks from elsewhere in the world who may want to participate in this meeting.
22:27:42 <gregdek> And the current time is middle-o-night for them.
22:28:01 <gregdek> Thoughts about holding this meeting at a different time once a month?
22:28:19 <gholms> How about bi-weekly instead?
22:28:28 <gregdek> Could do that also.
22:28:45 <gregdek> It may be quite an inconvenient time for us.
22:29:04 <gregdek> I know that Fedora timeshifts some meetings, and ubuntu rotates many of their meetings 6 hours a week.
22:29:39 <gregdek> I don't want to go nutty, but if other folks are considering helping us with some heavy lifting, I want to be sure they can get to the meetings.
22:29:48 <gholms> If it is before 1900 UTC my attendance will be sporadic at best.
22:29:53 <gholms> Then again I don't do much.
22:30:09 <gregdek> Well, we had a lot of open issues early, and we've closed most of them.
22:30:21 <gregdek> But others will surely pop as we have more infrastructure.
22:30:33 <gregdek> Ultimately, this may be the forum for ECC and similar.
22:30:45 <gregdek> At this point, who knows?
22:31:21 <gregdek> I'll send a note to the list to see what folks think.
22:31:53 <gregdek> Anyone else have anything?
22:31:55 <gholms> If nothing else there's always whenisgood.
22:32:05 <gregdek> yes, I like whenisgood.
22:32:28 <gregdek> #action gregdek will propose infra meeting time options to list
22:32:44 <gregdek> Any other opens?
22:33:14 <gregdek> OK, then.
22:33:18 <gregdek> Calling meeting in 3...
22:33:21 <gregdek> 2...
22:33:25 <gregdek> 1...
22:33:31 <gregdek> 1/2...
22:33:34 <gregdek> #endmeeting