#eucalyptus-meeting: eutester, 12/15/11

Meeting started by viglesias at 22:02:43 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. viglesias in his normal amazing fashion i have failed to provide beef to docs (viglesias, 22:03:10)

  1. New test script (viglesias, 22:05:31)
    1. New load_test.py script can provide useful information to people who are evaluating a cloud (gholms, 22:07:37)
    2. https://github.com/eucalyptus/eutester/blob/master/tests/load_test.py (gholms, 22:07:44)
    3. load_test allows a user to iteratively test that an image is properly booted into Eucalyptus and has and ephemeral disk mounted in the right place (viglesias, 22:09:00)
    4. load_test has the following parameters (but also has sane defaults) (viglesias, 22:09:39)
    5. Param: how many times to the test (viglesias, 22:10:05)
    6. Param: whether you want to launch the maximum available instances for a certain vm type (viglesias, 22:10:37)
    7. Param: the number of instances to run if not max (defaults to 1) (viglesias, 22:10:54)
    8. Param: a config file that describes your cloud (viglesias, 22:11:22)
    9. Param: time to wait for an instance to go to running before calling the run a failure (viglesias, 22:11:46)
    10. Param: whether to exit or continue on failure (viglesias, 22:11:59)
    11. Param: which image to test (default is to choose a random emi) (viglesias, 22:12:16)
    12. ACTION: gregdek will blog about load_test.py and Eucatester (gregdek, 22:16:35)

Meeting ended at 22:21:26 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. gregdek will blog about load_test.py and Eucatester

Action items, by person

  1. gregdek
    1. gregdek will blog about load_test.py and Eucatester

People present (lines said)

  1. viglesias (52)
  2. gregdek (29)
  3. gholms (8)
  4. eucabot|test (3)

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