18:00:37 <gregdek> #startmeeting Events, 9 February 2012
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18:00:45 <gregdek> #meetingname Events
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18:00:51 <gregdek> #topic Roll Call
18:00:54 * gregdek is here
18:00:55 * mchua 
18:01:02 * no_mind is here
18:01:06 <echoieucalyptus> echoi is here!
18:01:10 * shaon waves again :)
18:01:29 <hspencer> gregdek, whats discussed here?
18:01:34 <hspencer> conferences, etc/
18:01:35 <hspencer> ?
18:01:38 <gregdek> hspencer: yes.
18:01:54 <gregdek> hspencer: if you've got an event we don't have on the calendar, this is the place to bring it.
18:02:52 <gregdek> Meeting cal, for reference:
18:02:52 <gregdek> https://www.google.com/calendar/b/0/embed?mode=AGENDA&src=eucalyptus.com_m0h89hanf521isfi9hgp0m7ck4@group.calendar.google.com&ctz=UTC
18:03:09 <gregdek> OK, let's get to it.
18:03:37 <gregdek> #topic Open Issues
18:04:13 <gregdek> We'll go thru all the events that don't have owners first.
18:04:19 <gregdek> .proj 143
18:04:20 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 143 (New): What's New With AWS - London - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/143
18:04:29 <gregdek> #topic What's New With AWS - London
18:05:04 <gregdek> It looks like lwade added this, but he's not here to discuss, so I will ping him offline and find out if he's willing to claim it.
18:05:41 <gregdek> So we'll move on:
18:05:57 <gregdek> .proj 135
18:05:58 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 135 (New): ACUG April meeting - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/135
18:06:24 <gregdek> This is unclaimed, but shouldn't be; I will assign to Jloza, who is driving this one.
18:06:52 <gregdek> Next:
18:06:59 <gregdek> .proj 114
18:07:00 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 114 (New): CloudCamp Seattle at CloudFair, Apr 17, 2012 - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/114
18:07:18 <gregdek> I added this one.
18:07:43 <gregdek> I should ping Ye, since he's in Seattle, yes?  I will do so.
18:07:47 <echoieucalyptus> from a corp mktg perspective, we'll be sponsoring at cloud fair too
18:08:02 <gregdek> echoieucalyptus: very good.  Who's driving it?
18:08:03 <echoieucalyptus> so nice to throw our weight behind other events there too
18:08:13 <echoieucalyptus> i believe denise will handle logistics
18:08:26 <echoieucalyptus> andy is also planning on a paid training in seattle too
18:08:34 <gregdek> So I will ping Denise and Ye both.  Is the paid training around then also?
18:08:38 <mchua> Any specific contacts/groups within Amazon we should try to set up things with (meetings, lunch?) ahead of time?
18:08:41 <echoieucalyptus> yep same week
18:08:44 <echoieucalyptus> but not at cloud fair
18:08:51 <gregdek> Hm. Big week. :)
18:09:04 <echoieucalyptus> hopefully!
18:09:08 <gregdek> And mchua: good question.
18:09:29 <gregdek> We'll defer on that good question for now. :)
18:10:07 <gregdek> OK, /me will update that ticket.
18:10:29 <gregdek> I hesitate to make Denise the status owner of that if she's not here...
18:10:37 <gregdek> ...so I will ping her about that too.
18:10:56 <gregdek> #action gregdek will ping denise re: cloudcamp / cloudfair
18:11:20 <gregdek> OK, moving on:
18:12:42 <gregdek> .proj 112
18:12:43 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 112 (New): CloudCamp @WHD, Germany, Mar 22, 2012 - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/112
18:12:52 <gregdek> CloudCamp @WHD, Germany, Mar 22, 2012
18:13:17 <gregdek> Still open.
18:13:26 <gregdek> We've got a new hire in Germany, don't we?
18:13:33 <gregdek> echoieucalyptus: help me out here...
18:13:41 * gregdek looks at emails.
18:13:55 <echoieucalyptus> yes
18:13:57 <echoieucalyptus> don rekko
18:14:10 <gregdek> Don Rekko!
18:14:13 <gregdek> Yes.
18:14:18 <echoieucalyptus> i'm sure he'd love to participate
18:14:22 <gregdek> Let's find out! :)
18:14:32 <echoieucalyptus> haha shall i ping him?
18:14:35 <gregdek> #action gregdek will ping don rekki about 112, Germany CloudCamp
18:14:42 <gregdek> Nah, I got it.
18:14:50 <echoieucalyptus> ok great
18:14:51 <gregdek> I'll be rounding up all these lil actions this afternoon.
18:15:01 <gregdek> I got a ton still left over from last week, sigh.
18:15:04 <gregdek> Anyway. :)
18:15:09 <gregdek> Moving on!
18:15:27 <gregdek> .proj 113
18:15:28 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 113 (New): CloudCamp DC @ FOSE, Apr 4, 2012 - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/113
18:15:41 <gregdek> Big gummint show.  Is denise on this one?
18:16:09 <echoieucalyptus> hmm i don't think it's on her radar
18:16:20 <gregdek> ok, i'll ping her.  I may drive up for this one myself.
18:16:39 <gregdek> #action gregdek to ask denise about FOSE, ticket 113
18:16:59 <gregdek> Moving on:
18:17:04 <gregdek> .proj 98
18:17:05 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 98 (New): Barcamp Bangalore 2012 - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/98
18:17:36 <gregdek> Looks like we're missing this one because of GNUnify, so I will close.
18:17:56 <gregdek> Moving on:
18:18:16 <gregdek> Ubuntu Developer Summit!
18:18:19 <gregdek> .proj 94
18:18:20 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 94 (New): UDS in May 7th-11th in Oakland - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/94
18:18:41 <gregdek> I'm sure we'll be sending somebody -- the Q is who should own it.
18:18:53 * shaon wants to go there :(
18:19:03 <shaon> but not as the person gregdek wants to send :P
18:19:21 <echoieucalyptus> tim gerla, nelli, or puneeth?
18:19:21 <gregdek> shaon: maybe we'll get you to a UDS one day. :)
18:19:44 <gregdek> No, this is a developer conference.  Geeks only.  I think we leave it in obino's hands for now, since he has those relationships.
18:19:54 <shaon> i watch video whenever I find one :)
18:20:03 <shaon> of UDS
18:20:19 <gregdek> #action gregdek will ping obino about .94 UDS
18:20:38 <echoieucalyptus> ok cool
18:20:41 <gregdek> OK, that's all the opens in the queue.
18:20:52 <gregdek> Now let's move on to the ones we have committed for status:
18:21:00 <gregdek> #topic Status on committed events
18:21:28 <gregdek> .proj 89
18:21:29 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 89 (In Progress): Event: GNUify 2012, Pune, India - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/89
18:21:38 <gregdek> #topic GNUify 2012, Pune, India
18:21:49 <gregdek> jeevan_ullas_: around?
18:22:29 <gregdek> This was well underway last I heard, so unless jeevan_ullas_ tells us otherwise in the next minute, I'll assume that no news is good news and all is going as planned, roughly. :)
18:22:32 <no_mind> gnunify is on 10-11th
18:22:45 <gregdek> no_mind: yes, I meant planning was well underway.
18:22:50 <gregdek> Coming up very soon.
18:22:55 <no_mind> yeah
18:23:14 <gregdek> OK, then I'll leave that one be for now.
18:23:22 <gregdek> Next:
18:23:37 <gregdek> Actually...
18:23:57 <gregdek> ...since these are owned, let's just see what owners are here to give updates. :)
18:23:58 <mchua> Did we work out tshirts/swag for that, btw?
18:24:07 <gregdek> mchua: we did. It was a scramble, but we did.
18:24:15 <gregdek> shaon!
18:24:26 <shaon> yes, I here
18:24:38 <gregdek> We already answered your Qs, and schwag is on its way today.  Anything else you need for your event?
18:24:46 <gregdek> .proj 132
18:24:47 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 132 (New): BASIS SOFTEXPO 2012, Dhaka, Bangladesh - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/132
18:24:53 <shaon> yes, I have few
18:24:58 <gregdek> #topic BASIS SOFTEXPO 2012, Dhaka, Bangladesh
18:25:04 <gregdek> The floor is yours, sir.
18:25:09 <shaon> are you going to send any business/community cards as mchua discussed earlier?
18:25:30 <gregdek> Send? No. Come up with a design for you to print? Very possibly. :)
18:26:10 <shaon> okay, so I print my card if needed?
18:26:38 <shaon> next: this is the biggest tech event in BD and a big chance for me too, so any suggestion for making it more successfull :)
18:26:42 <gregdek> That's what I've done in the past, yes.
18:27:05 <gregdek> shaon: I have a small bit of advice. :)
18:27:22 <gregdek> Be friendly, and make people feel good.  An old quote that rings very true to me:
18:27:42 <shaon> thanks gregdek, nice advice :)
18:27:56 <gregdek> "They may not remember what you said. They may not remember what you did. But they will always remember how you made them feel."
18:28:03 <no_mind> jeevan_ullas:
18:28:18 <gregdek> So do your best to get details straight, etc.  But be a friend to everyone you meet there, and all will be well.
18:28:25 * jeevan_ullas and koolhead17 just checked in the hotel
18:28:38 <gregdek> Perfect timing, jeevan_ullas!  how are things?
18:28:51 <jeevan_ullas> gregdek, we are all set to rock tomorrow morning
18:28:57 <jeevan_ullas> 10:30AM IST eucalyptus talk by me
18:29:11 <gregdek> Exciting. :) Be sure to blog!
18:29:20 <gregdek> Will there be any video/audio feed?
18:29:21 <shaon> gregdek: okay :) and the schwag you wanted to send, will that be possible before 22 feb?
18:29:28 <gregdek> shaon: it shall be there.
18:29:31 <jeevan_ullas> i dont think there is any audio or video feed
18:29:49 <shaon> jeevan_ullas: best of luck :)
18:29:55 <jeevan_ullas> thanks mate
18:29:58 <jeevan_ullas> shaon, congrats btw :)
18:30:03 <gregdek> jeevan_ullas doesn't need luck. ;)
18:30:28 <gregdek> Actually, returning to business cards, we've got a ticket there:
18:30:42 <shaon> thanks. and keep koolhead away from beer ;)
18:30:44 <gregdek> .proj 134
18:30:45 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 134 (New): EuCa business cards template - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/134
18:31:04 <mchua> Yup, that's mine.
18:31:14 <gregdek> mchua: should we just grab the Fedora cards, drop the F and add an E?  :)
18:31:31 <mchua> gregdek: Been working on that one, actually. ianweller is revising the program to take generic templates but it's not quite ready yet.
18:31:44 <mchua> So I'll get a basic libreoffice template out so people can at least print their own.
18:31:45 <gregdek> mchua: awesomesauce. Any ETA?
18:31:56 <mchua> Not on the program, but I can get that template out today.
18:31:59 <gregdek> mchua: do you need logo?
18:32:02 <gregdek> Or do you have>
18:32:04 <gregdek> ?
18:32:09 <mchua> I'd love a better logo image than the one I grabbed from google image search, yes.
18:32:11 <gregdek> We have high quality logo for porint.
18:32:25 <mchua> And is there somewhere better to upload these files than my fedorapeople space?
18:32:26 <gregdek> #action gregdek will send high quality logos to mchua
18:32:34 <mchua> #action mchua make business card template and send to list
18:32:40 <gregdek> mchua: I think redmine allows file attachments.
18:32:47 <mchua> Ok, I can do that.
18:33:02 <echoieucalyptus> apologies guys, have to jump to start up our webinar
18:34:35 <gregdek> ok, thanks echoieucalyptus .
18:35:04 <gregdek> So let's move on:
18:35:07 <gregdek> .proj 142
18:35:08 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 142 (New): Euca meetup New Delhi March 2012 - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/142
18:35:13 <gregdek> jeevan_ullas: ^^^ ?
18:35:31 <no_mind> gregdek: jeevan_ullas and I met on Monday for this
18:35:32 <gregdek> Anything you need for this?
18:35:37 <no_mind> we plan to do it on 23rd March
18:35:39 <gregdek> Ah, no_mind, good.
18:36:00 <jeevan_ullas> no_mind, anything you would need? i think we are good
18:36:08 <no_mind> yeah
18:36:20 <gregdek> ok, I'll update ticket.
18:36:22 <no_mind> we need to start publicity after you are done with gnunify
18:36:39 <jeevan_ullas> yes.
18:36:58 <gregdek> I will leave those details to you. :)
18:37:00 <shaon> no_mind: jeevan_ullas: please do share, what are you doing for publicity
18:37:17 <no_mind> shaon: sure
18:37:37 <jeevan_ullas> gregdek, i checked the venue in New Delhi for euca meetup
18:37:50 <jeevan_ullas> we will have delicious indian food for delegates
18:39:48 <no_mind> jeevan_ullas: even tested the food :)
18:40:12 <gregdek> Nice!
18:40:59 <gregdek> OK, what else?
18:41:04 * gregdek looks at tickets.
18:41:26 <gregdek> Ah.
18:41:31 <gregdek> .proj 136
18:41:32 <eucabot|test> gregdek: Issue 136 (New): Create a way to find all EuCa slide decks. - https://projects.eucalyptus.com/issues/136
18:41:40 <gregdek> mchua: I made an addition to the ticket:
18:41:57 <gregdek> Looks like we have multiple euca tickets.
18:42:02 <gregdek> I mean, multiple euca tags/
18:42:13 <mchua> Merge?
18:42:51 <gregdek> mchua: I don't know how. :)
18:42:56 <gregdek> Can you tag things you don't own?
18:43:26 * gregdek admits not to knowing the slideshare ui very well yet.
18:44:10 <mchua> I believe so -- will experiment. But the goal is to have a single unified point for all euca slides on slideshare, right?
18:44:17 <mchua> And however I manage to get there, that's fine.
18:44:56 <gregdek> Yes, that's right.
18:45:04 <gregdek> Isn't there a mechanism for "channel" like in youtube?
18:45:14 <gregdek> I'll leave it to you to figure out, though.
18:46:22 <mchua> #action mchua find a way to create a 'channel' sort of thing for euca slides on slideshare
18:46:26 <mchua> roger roger.
18:46:26 <mchua> I'll hack tonight.
18:46:29 <gregdek> OK, that's all I've got.
18:46:34 <gregdek> #topic Open Floor
18:46:37 <mchua> have been a little occupied by school lately in prep for manic travel. :)
18:46:40 <gregdek> Any new events we need to add to the list?
18:46:45 <gregdek> mchua: heh, understood
18:47:34 <gregdek> Anybody have anything they want to cover?
18:48:23 <gregdek> Looks like a no.
18:48:30 <shaon> we will have another installfest
18:48:44 <gregdek> shaon: let us know as it approaches. :)
18:48:50 <shaon> it is on March 10, 2012
18:48:54 <gregdek> Oh!
18:49:04 <gregdek> Shall we add a ticket?
18:49:13 <shaon> yeah, we can
18:49:25 <shaon> it's in my university, btw
18:49:39 <mchua> By the way, I spun out a blog post based on the questions shaon asked for talk prep earlier.
18:49:42 <mchua> #link http://blog.melchua.com/2012/02/09/fielding-common-questions-at-your-eucalyptus-talk/
18:49:49 <mchua> Hopefully useful. Should hit Planet Euca at some point.
18:49:55 <shaon> I guess we were talking about approaching universities lately
18:50:21 * shaon thanks mchua a lot :)
18:51:03 <gregdek> #action shaon will add ticket for installfest
18:53:03 <gregdek> OK.
18:53:10 <gregdek> Well, that's it from here.
18:53:16 <gregdek> So I'm closing the meeting!
18:53:19 <gregdek> #endmeeting