21:13:33 <obino> #startmeeting town-hall
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21:13:33 * mull lurks
21:13:36 <jmolo> i will let you know next week! It's Tuesday :)
21:13:44 <obino> #meetingname town-hall
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21:13:54 <obino> #topic roll-call
21:13:55 <jmolo> i am trying to get excited about making my slide deck right now
21:14:12 * obino looking for project issues
21:14:57 * mull o/
21:15:17 <obino> #chair gregdek mull
21:15:17 <eucabot> Current chairs: gregdek mull obino
21:16:15 <obino> #topic updates
21:16:32 <obino> this week has been a bit busy for the infrastructure
21:16:51 <obino> we lost lists and eucabot due to a, we believe, hardware failure
21:17:17 <obino> since they happen to run on the same NC and we lost them at the same time
21:17:44 <obino> both list and meetbot had scripts to restart them
21:18:07 <obino> https://github.com/eucalyptus/Eucalyptus-Scripts for more info
21:18:24 <obino> and they both are supposed to take backups at different intervals
21:18:38 <obino> yep, you read well, supposed to ...
21:18:40 <obino> sigh
21:18:52 <obino> it looks like we list meetbot logs
21:19:22 <obino> for example last week town-hall meeting logs are gone
21:19:43 <obino> lists, on the other token doesn't seem to have lost anything
21:20:07 <obino> so the archives are there, the users are there and all emails seems to have been delivered
21:20:54 <obino> the issue with eucabot was a typo  in the script: it has been fixed and now the new incarnation has the fix that takes proper backups
21:21:26 <obino> we held off to send an update email about meetbot because we were hoping to rescue some of the logs
21:21:43 <obino> alas, I assume we won't be able to, so this may be it
21:21:58 <obino> #action obino to send a note about meetbot to the list
21:22:53 <mull> nobody has irc logs?
21:23:17 <obino> good point: we haven't thougth about it
21:23:37 <obino> I guess we can ask on the lists
21:23:38 <mull> I thought gregdek did... and I'm usually in here, too, so I can provide some
21:23:51 <obino> cool: that would be very sweet
21:24:06 <obino> at least for the meetings
21:24:51 <obino> #action to send a requests for IRC logs for the meetings
21:24:55 <mull> might take some time to parse, but I could just send you my whole log file of this channel if you want
21:25:21 <obino> cool: yes please. Send it to the list.
21:25:51 <obino> we can also compile the time of the various meeting: it should make it easier to find the snippet about the meeting
21:26:41 <obino> awesome: there is still hope :)
21:27:13 <obino> this is kinda all I have today (my machine crash too and I'm rebuilding the missing configs)
21:27:28 <obino> gregdek: is trvelling too, so I opent the floor for discussion
21:27:35 <obino> #topic open floor
21:29:06 <mull> good news:  QA'ed postgres code just got merged internally (i.e., it's passing QA now), and I'm working on merging into our public branch in LP
21:35:36 <obino> yay!!
21:35:39 <obino> \o\
21:35:50 <obino> \o/ I meant
21:35:52 <obino> PARTY TIME
21:35:57 <obino> mull you are a stud
21:36:09 <lwade> steady on obino :D
21:36:18 <obino> lol
21:36:37 <obino> lwade: I'm surprised you didn't open the scotch for this one
21:36:45 * lwade cracks it open
21:36:49 <lwade> it certainly is good news
21:36:53 <lwade> and gj mull :)
21:37:00 <lwade> and eng
21:37:03 <obino> mull: is your blog up-to-date to compile devel with this new addition?
21:37:13 <mull> lwade, it wasn't my work, it was ken & steve jones
21:37:27 <mull> obino, there will be new blogs, new packages, etc.
21:37:27 <lwade> give them a high-five for me
21:37:37 <obino> sweet!
21:37:41 <lwade> actually, you aren't in the same office :S
21:37:47 <lwade> but a virtual one, at the next eng meeting ;) heh
21:37:52 <mull> yeah, obino will have to do that.  :)
21:37:56 <obino> #agreed the new devel branch rocks!
21:38:05 <lwade> #action obino to give high-fives liberally
21:38:18 <obino> :D
21:39:12 <obino> ok this made my day!
21:39:26 <obino> and I needed that! Still recovering from the stupid crash
21:39:44 <obino> I think we should close on this high note!
21:39:49 <obino> any more topic?
21:41:16 <obino> #endmeeting