18:48:58 <mchua> #startmeeting
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18:49:29 <gregdek> #meetingname eucaday-afternoon
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18:49:31 <mchua> #chair gregdek shaon martenmickos
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18:50:08 <mchua> #topic live transcription: http://ow.ly/avvTd - Greg's slides: http://ow.ly/avJgU
18:50:13 <gregdek> Ah, martenmickos is back.  Hell marten.
18:50:15 <mchua> We are *not* live yet, we are not transcribing yet
18:50:23 <mchua> this is still in setup phase
18:50:32 <gregdek> LOL -- hell*o* marten.
18:50:38 <mchua> i'm at the back of the room and can't get to the mic to hook darlene (our transcriptionist) up
18:50:43 * mchua chuckles. hell, greg
18:51:10 <gregdek> mchua: if we need to take 5min to get set up, that's ok.
18:51:29 <martenmickos> hi gregdek
18:52:07 <shaon> hello martenmickos
18:54:57 <mchua> gregdek: should be able to do this in 5.
18:55:06 <mchua> I'm lining up everything right now, getting darlene settled, etc
18:55:17 <mchua> gregdek: i may also have a surprise for you at the end of marten's talk
18:55:17 <gregdek> mchua: great. gonna tweet that we'll be a bit delayed.
18:55:21 <mchua> gregdek: +1
18:55:23 <gregdek> mchua: awesome. :)
18:55:31 <mchua> gregdek: are you voicing paul's video or will govind? or want me to?
18:55:59 <martenmickos> hi shaon
18:56:08 <gregdek> Do you have a printout, by chance? :)
18:56:34 <gregdek> mchua: got the url for the video notes handy?
18:56:42 <gregdek> actually... me checks email
19:03:04 <shaon> hehe, just checked gregdek's slides :P
19:04:26 <mchua> okay we are setting up now...
19:04:31 <mchua> (it's on 5min break)
19:09:06 <mchua> Starting up!
19:09:24 <mchua> #topic Greg's slides
19:09:31 <mchua> Ack, sorry.
19:09:59 <mchua> #topic live transcription: http://ow.ly/avvTd - Greg's slides: http://ow.ly/avJgU
19:10:02 <mchua> We are starting!
19:11:30 <shaon> getting "Event is not active", hope you haven't started yet
19:14:40 <mchua> shaon: it is on
19:14:47 <mchua> shaon: try http://www.streamtext.net/player?event=MelChuaPM
19:14:47 <shaon> yeah, got it now
19:14:50 * mchua nods
19:14:57 <mchua> you might have been in the old session
19:18:53 <martenmickos> gregdek promoting this irc channel
19:26:12 <mchua> Hi, Drm -- see the channel topic for the links to what we're doing now.
19:26:55 <mchua> FILM FESTIVAL!
19:27:18 <mchua> #topic live transcription: http://ow.ly/avvTd - Greg's slides: http://ow.ly/avJgU - Current video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBEGj4XJdBc
19:27:34 <mchua> Osamu is on!
19:31:29 <mchua> (APPLAUSE)
19:38:08 <habuka036> good morning! :-)
19:41:15 <mchua> habuka036: Good morning!
19:41:24 <mchua> habuka036: we say hello!
19:41:36 <martenmickos> good morning Osamu-san
19:41:39 <mchua> habuka036: when are you writing your book on 3.0? (audience question)
19:41:45 <habuka036> mchua: good morning!
19:41:57 <habuka036> martenmickos: good morning!
19:43:26 <habuka036> Yeah, I think I writing book on 3.0 if given the chance
19:43:57 <martenmickos> habuka036 writing such a book would be a great service to the Japanese-speaking community
19:44:23 <mchua> I agree!
19:45:00 <mchua> HA. LIVEBLOGGING.
19:45:02 <mchua> http://blog.melchua.com/2012/04/25/eucaday-community-session-part-1/
19:46:15 <mchua> habuka036: how can we help you to write a book on 3.0? :)
19:47:31 <shaon> mchua: awesome! I saw you doing this once before :D
19:49:17 <satyag> mchua, cool will catch up with transcripts got to sleep now
19:49:26 <mchua> satyag: good night!
19:49:39 <mchua> shaon: your video is on :D
19:49:47 <martenmickos> gregdek introducing shaon
19:49:59 <martenmickos> reduce illiteracy in Bangladesh
19:50:07 <shaon> yay! I am there :D
19:50:13 <martenmickos> you are!
19:51:11 <habuka036> mchua: well... maybe, to do that, I need sell out of my book.
19:51:45 <habuka036> mchua: only half kidding...
19:53:15 * mchua grins
19:53:33 <mchua> habuka036: by "sell out" you mean "sell all the copies of the first book"?
19:53:49 <mchua> and then we can write a new one?
19:54:26 <martenmickos> thank you, shaon
19:54:46 <shaon> I am glad :)
19:54:54 <habuka036> mchua: that's right. that is first book.
19:55:27 <shaon> thanks martenmickos, gregdek, mchua and all :)
19:55:36 <mchua> thank *you* shaon and habuka036!
19:55:41 <mchua> (the film festival went GREAT)
19:55:47 <mchua> and I will be putting a blog post on it as soon as I catch up with Darlene.
19:56:06 <mchua> with all the films, and transcripts of the films, and so forth.
19:57:09 <habuka036> mchua: of course, that is when I write in Japanese and I publish in Japan.
19:57:25 <habuka036> mchua: thank you.
20:00:07 <shaon> hello habuka036
20:00:24 <habuka036> hello shaon!
20:00:34 <mchua> #topic Marten is wrapping up the day
20:00:45 <shaon> nice you meet you virtually :)
20:01:53 <mchua> gregdek: http://blog.melchua.com
20:02:07 <habuka036> yeah, I'm glad to meet you.
20:10:13 <mchua> Okay, we are... done!
20:10:20 <mchua> Greg says hello to everyone on IRC, and that he's beat. :)
20:10:24 <mchua> So am I.
20:10:31 <shaon> :)
20:10:31 <mchua> http://blog.melchua.com/2012/04/25/eucaday-community-session-part-1/#more-3576
20:10:39 <mchua> that has everything up until the film festival
20:13:13 <obino> mchua:  I'm impressed by the live blogging :)
20:14:18 <mchua> obino: I was going like a maniac in the background. I still have the film festival to get up.
20:14:28 <mchua> oh! Sorry.
20:14:28 <mchua> #endmeeting