12:03:14 <mchua> #startmeeting
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12:03:25 <mchua> #chair gregdek mull martenmickos jeevan_ullas
12:03:25 <eucabot> Current chairs: gregdek jeevan_ullas martenmickos mchua mull
12:03:42 <mchua> Chair whoever you think should wield, gregdek -- I'll proceed with setup.
12:04:08 * gregdek nods.
12:04:19 <gregdek> martenmickos is worried that his chair authority will destroy something, lol
12:04:31 <mchua> gregdek: oh, just the universe.
12:04:42 <dfederlein> right
12:04:49 <dfederlein> we having a meeting this early?
12:04:50 <mchua> martenmickos: #chair only allows you to destroy this universe -- all the other parallel ones will be okay.
12:04:56 <jeevan_ullas> dfederlein, eucaday :)
12:04:57 <martenmickos> I hope the universe has HA
12:04:58 <mchua> dfederlein: we're livelogging the eucaday events here
12:04:59 <gregdek> dfederlein: all-day EucaDay meeting. :)
12:05:05 <dfederlein> oh right
12:05:08 <dfederlein> well good morning
12:05:09 <mchua> dfederlein: also with live transcription of everything but the customer talks
12:05:17 <dfederlein> and martenmickos you should be in irc all the time ;)
12:05:47 <dfederlein> that's cool, I forgot that was today
12:06:07 <dfederlein> gregdek: got your email.  Not sure I could sync with vic in time
12:06:49 <martenmickos> dfederlein - right! thanks for the reminder
12:06:55 <dfederlein> :)
12:07:04 <dfederlein> ok folks, I need a cup of coffee, brb
12:07:49 <gregdek> #topic Live transcript at ow.ly/avmvf
12:08:13 <mchua> #link http://go.eucalyptus.com/EucaDay-NYC-2012-Agenda.html
12:09:24 <gregdek> Transcript looks good so far. Goodish. :)
12:09:59 <gregdek> #topic Live transcript of EucaDay at ow.ly/avmvf
12:10:28 <mchua> gregdek: text large enough for you in the back of the room? I can make it bigger.
12:13:23 <gregdek> mchua: that's actually quoiite good.
12:13:30 <gregdek> Although the other side of the room may suffer.
12:13:47 <shaon> mchua: please help me here with the link
12:14:50 <dfederlein> which link do you need shaon?
12:15:40 <shaon> dfederlein: okay, I got it now. live text are coming up :)
12:15:47 <dfederlein> ok :)
12:16:07 <gregdek> This is David Butler speaing right now
12:16:16 <jeevan_ullas> good
12:17:23 <shaon> well, I can't hear anything
12:17:35 <shaon> this machine is not quite healty
12:18:30 <mchua> Apologies -- the wireless cut out here for a while and interrupted the streaming to the transcriptionist too.
12:25:09 <mchua> ...the wireless is *really* awful here
12:25:27 <mchua> sorry, guys -- I'm trying to patch through the transcription to route around the crappy internet
12:25:44 <dfederlein> thank you mchua
12:25:51 <dfederlein> :)
12:26:15 <shaon> mchua: you are doing great, this is the first time I am attending this kind of seminar :D
12:26:34 * mchua has no idea what happened -- the talking started, and BOOM! the wireless went down.
12:26:40 <gregdek> #idea Lesson 1: a hard phone line is non-negotiable for transcription :)
12:27:37 <mchua> gregdek: I'm going to have one hell of a cell phone bill this month, it appears :)
12:27:50 <gregdek> mchua: expense it if need be. ;)
12:29:31 <mchua> Ok, hoping everyone has the live text streaming now. Phew.
12:30:02 <mchua> (Hrm. This would go better if we could see the slides Marten has up at the same time.)
12:32:26 <mchua> Hello, axonpoet ! We're streaming the live transcription of the event at http://www.streamtext.net/text.aspx?event=MelChuaAM
12:32:40 <gregdek> mchua: yes, something to consider for next time.
12:33:02 <gregdek> Slides at: ow.ly/avmfH
12:33:39 <mchua> #link http://ow.ly/avmfH
12:33:40 <gregdek> #topic Transcript of Marten's talk: ow.ly/avmvf / Slides of talk: ow.ly/avmfH
12:35:11 <mchua> Btw, feel free to queue up questions, comments, etc. here -- and let us know if the live transcription is something we should do again.
12:35:27 <mchua> axonpoet, shaon, dfederlein, everyone -- any questions for Marten?
12:35:32 <mchua> I can voice for you in the room.
12:35:59 <mchua> (silence in the physical room with questions)
12:36:02 <mchua> (anyone here have any?)
12:36:20 <dfederlein> None from me yet, sorry
12:36:58 <shaon> nothing from me
12:36:59 <mchua> As a side note -- being able to have remotees participate here is one of the things we're hoping for from the transcription
12:37:24 <mchua> so the more questions/comments/participation/etc you folks have, the easier it is for us to do this again :)
12:37:36 <dfederlein> I am happy to, but I'm also wrangling a host of support issues ;)
12:37:36 <dfederlein> morning are busy.
12:37:38 <mchua> (if you think having the transcription is helpful, I mean -- it's an experiment!)
12:37:41 <gregdek> LOL
12:37:51 <mchua> gregdek: hey, you don't ask, you don't get. :D
12:38:02 <gregdek> Non-native speakers in the room reading the transcript is cool.
12:38:05 <mchua> gregdek: do we have tim's slides somewhere?
12:38:10 <gregdek> Tim is starting, will get his slides up asap.
12:38:32 <mchua> gregdek: wow, do you see how many people in the room are watching the screen instead of tim? there are some folks to my left, slightly behind...)
12:38:42 * shaon waits for slides
12:40:46 <gregdek> Slides uploaded.
12:41:02 <mchua> gregdek: excellent -- and we have yours, so I'll be manning this channel during your talk.
12:41:26 <dfederlein> ty
12:41:34 <gregdek> Tim's slides: http://www.slideshare.net/gregdekoenigsberg/tim-cramereucadaykeynotefinal
12:41:36 <mchua> shaon: btw, Tim is probably who you want to queue up your technical questions here for
12:42:18 <mchua> #link http://www.slideshare.net/gregdekoenigsberg/tim-cramereucadaykeynotefinal
12:42:18 <shaon> mchua: hahaha, thanks :)
12:43:11 <mchua> shaon: so if you have
12:43:39 <mchua> questions, we should queue them up before Tim's talk ends.
12:43:46 * gregdek afk a sec.
12:45:12 <shaon> mchua: will the scripts be available later on?
12:45:37 <mchua> shaon: yes, almost immediately after.
12:45:47 <shaon> great!
12:46:51 * rbergeron lurks and waves
12:47:08 <mchua> hullo rbergeron -- any questions for the VP of engineering? (about anything, really!)
12:47:29 <mchua> rbergeron: I'm trying to queue up questions here so we can jump right in with remotee q's as soon as Tim is done speakingng
12:47:55 <mchua> rbergeron: mikedlr: http://www.streamtext.net/text.aspx?event=MelChuaAM
12:48:10 <mchua> lwade: ^ live streaming of Tim Cramer's talk
12:48:12 <dfederlein> I guess it would be off-sides to ask Tim if his speaking tempo keeps speeding up because he's a drummer...
12:48:29 <dfederlein> (Bad musician humor.)
12:48:32 <shaon> mchua: Q: AWS has lots of features, like cloud monitoring, amazonRDS, dynamoDB etc, is eucalyptus has a plan to implement some of the features in future?
12:48:43 <dfederlein> good question shaon
12:51:03 <mchua> shaon: I will relay as soon as David has question-time -- thanks!
12:51:18 <shaon> thanks mchua
12:51:55 <rbergeron> oh god. high availability. I came at just the right time!
12:51:59 * rbergeron laughs
12:52:05 <dfederlein> LOL
12:52:14 <mchua> shaon: to make sure I'm pronouncing your name correctly... is it "shaw-on"?
12:52:28 <mchua> rbergeron: would love q's from remotees :)
12:52:49 <shaon> mchua: yes, that's okay :)
12:52:57 <rbergeron> mchua: i'm just catchin up :)
12:56:03 <mchua> rbergeron:  http://www.slideshare.net/gregdekoenigsberg/tim-cramereucadaykeynotefinal in case you  didn't catch the link for slides
12:56:18 <mchua> gregdek: can you or someone else give me channel privs to change the topic?
12:56:28 <mchua> gregdek: so I can update with the proper slides, etc
12:56:47 <dfederlein> mchua type #topic <link>
12:57:06 <rbergeron> i think she needs ops. :)
12:57:17 <dfederlein> no, just chair with eucabot
12:57:25 <dfederlein> which I think gregdek did
12:57:26 <gregdek> she has it...
12:57:30 <rbergeron> oh, we're in meeting mode
12:57:32 <gregdek> she started the meeting.
12:57:41 <mchua> dfederlein: Oh, channel topic is chained to eucabot -- okay.
12:57:44 <gregdek> mchua: just use eucabot's #topic function
12:58:08 <mikedlr> is there a way to get at the audio or just the text?
12:58:18 <gregdek> #topic Transcript of Tim's talk: ow.ly/avmvf / Slides of talk: ow.ly/avp7C
12:58:53 <gregdek> mikedlr: audio is not available, just transcript
12:59:01 <mchua> for those following slides, we are now on slide 16
12:59:11 <mchua> #info numbering slides helps a lot for remotees following along
12:59:46 <mchua> slide 17.
13:03:40 <mchua> slide 19.
13:03:50 <mchua> (sorry! trying to keep up with slides here)
13:04:47 <mchua> ooh, another interesting thing -- since I can see the slides online, I can figure out what's left to be covered
13:04:52 <mchua> and flip back to older stuff, etc. in realtime
13:05:00 <mchua> which would probably help if I were asking technical q's
13:05:08 <mchua> (which I'm not today -- just trying to keep up with the remotee streaming)
13:05:35 <mchua> (oh my gosh, she caught the audience question -- that microphone is *awesome*)
13:05:41 <mchua> (and Darlene -- the transcriptionist -- is too.)
13:05:57 <mchua> gregdek: note for when you speak -- pls repeat audience questions, like tim just did
13:06:15 <mchua> #info speakers with microphones -- please repeat audience questions so those who can't hear the audience can get the question.
13:07:32 <pweiss> gregdek: good morning
13:08:25 <mchua> pweiss: morning -- here are links...
13:08:27 <mchua> Transcript of Tim's talk: ow.ly/avmvf / Slides of talk: ow.ly/avp7C
13:08:37 <mchua> pweiss: tim is currently on slide #20
13:09:58 <pweiss> mchua:  please let greg know I've sent him the link to my video for today with commentary
13:10:22 <mchua> pweiss: can you pass me the link here too?
13:10:49 <pweiss> mchua: https://vimeo.com/40987726
13:11:13 <pweiss> mchua: please check that the link works
13:12:24 <mchua> pweiss: looks good
13:12:29 <mchua> shaon: it's questions time so I'll ask yours in a moment
13:12:43 * shaon waits :)
13:13:14 <pweiss> mchua: thanks. i will try to be on irc between flights and govind should be on to answer questions as well
13:13:47 <mchua> pweiss: excellent, thank you!
13:14:22 <mchua> pweiss: oh -- do you have a 1-3 sentence bio we can introduce you by?
13:17:21 <mchua> (audience talk is hard to transcribe)
13:18:35 <dak419> how's the turnout?
13:20:04 <mchua> dak419: pretty full here
13:20:04 <gregdek> Full in both halves of the room.
13:20:48 <gregdek> #info note wehn someone is answering Q in the room, as govind is now, have him talk into mic.
13:21:04 <gregdek> #info video for later is missing govind as well.
13:21:12 <gregdek> #info have a mic we can hand to audience.
13:21:17 <mchua> gregdek: YES
13:24:05 <mchua> shaon: your q being asked now
13:24:18 <mchua> shaon: I'll fix your name in the transcript afterwards :)
13:24:19 <shaon> yeah, already been answered :D
13:24:24 * mchua nods
13:25:18 <mchua> #info having backup audio streams == good (Darlene has bridged us over my cell phone when wifi at the location went down)
13:26:16 <mchua> We are, hypothetically, going for 5 more minutes
13:26:21 <mchua> will probably run late/over :)
13:26:22 <mchua> (maybe?)
13:26:28 <mchua> but basically, winding down
13:27:20 <mchua> By the way -- if you are following this transcript either on-site or remotely, and it's helping, pls pop up and wave
13:27:23 <mchua> hi kwurst!
13:27:32 <mchua> kwurst: Transcript of Tim's talk: ow.ly/avmvf / Slides of talk: ow.ly/avp7C
13:27:36 <mchua> kwurst: live streaming
13:27:50 <mchua> kwurst: just click on the 1st one thought because he's at the end and it's Q&A
13:27:57 <mchua> er, "though" not "thought"
13:28:05 * kwurst between classes and meetings, so I'll have to look at the transcripts later...
13:28:08 * mchua nods
13:28:17 <mchua> no worries. :)
13:28:31 <dak419> is there an audio feed?
13:28:34 <mchua> that's why we have transcripts -- they're helpful during the event, but also helpful afterwards.
13:29:59 <mchua> #topic BREAK TIME
13:30:09 * mull notices that it's impossible for the transcriptionist to have any idea how to speell names like "Dyess" and "Govind"
13:30:52 <shaon> thanks mchua :)
13:32:12 <mchua> mull: I gave her a list of names and terms ("Eutester" "RHEL") beforehand but yeah, clearly I did not catch anything
13:34:44 <mull> mchua, it's fine.  it's easier for me to follow than audio would be, I think.
13:36:09 <pweiss> mchua: how long will the transcript be available online?
13:37:50 <mchua> pweiss: eternally :)
13:37:57 <pweiss> nice
13:38:09 <mchua> pweiss: you should be able to grab the transcript right now with that "view transcript" button
13:38:30 <mchua> that may disappear in a little while, but darlene (the transcriber) is emailing me the full transcript with a bit of cleanup in <30min
13:38:37 <mchua> at which point I'll pop it online and email the community list
13:38:52 <mchua> (if anyone can think of a better place to put the transcript than a google doc, PLEASE LET ME KNOW)
13:39:04 <mchua> (I figure something world-editable so people can help fix typos would be good)
13:39:14 <mchua> pweiss: if only we had mediawiki ;)
13:39:39 <mchua> mull: oh, really? that's interesting -- the text is easier to follow than audio would be?
13:39:46 <mchua> (any particular reason why, or just... "text is easier"?)
13:40:05 * mchua surprised to see so many of the channel regulars *not* in NYC -- I would have thought a bunch of you guys would be here too
13:40:38 <mchua> also, cool note: a number of the people in the room have also been watching the screen -- I think it's the non-native English speakers and maybe some other hard-of-hearing folks
13:40:44 <mull> mchua, mostly because I'm only half paying attention while doing other things.  I can go back and catch up on text every couple of minutes, but I'm incapable of listening while doing something else
13:41:18 <shaon> mchua: transcript is available now?
13:41:28 <shaon> sorry, I was disconnected for a while
13:44:00 <mull> shaon, http://www.streamtext.net/player?event=MelChuaAM
13:44:54 <shaon> thanks mull, it shows event is not active
13:45:00 <mull> they are on break
13:45:05 <mull> starting again in a minute
13:45:38 <shaon> and I was looking for the transcript of the earlier presentation
13:45:52 <mull> it is there in the scrollback
13:46:40 <mull> for me, anyway.  you don't see hundreds of lines of text on that page?
13:46:50 <shaon> nope :(
13:47:00 <mull> I can cut & paste...
13:47:02 <shaon> where you there from the beginning?
13:47:43 <jeevan_ullas> ya i was there since beginning
13:47:50 <mull> shaon, http://fpaste.org/upaZ/
13:48:02 <shaon> i was there too, but got disconnected
13:48:11 * shaon clicks
13:48:20 <jeevan_ullas> oh okay
13:48:30 <shaon> mull: awesome!
13:48:32 <shaon> thanks
13:51:17 <mchua> #topic morning transcription: http://ow.ly/avvPc -- afternoon transcript will be at http://ow.ly/avvTd
13:51:25 <mchua> #topic EucaDay morning transcription: http://ow.ly/avvPc -- afternoon transcript will be at http://ow.ly/avvTd
13:52:55 <gregdek> OK, we're doing partners and customers now, which is not being transcribed.  Next session: 3pm Eastern / noon Pacific.
13:53:24 <gregdek> #topic Next Eucaday session: Community, 3pm Eastern US time, noon Pacific
13:55:32 <shaon> gregdek: it's 10am there right?
13:55:39 <gregdek> shaon: yes, it is.
13:55:47 <gregdek> So in 5 hours from now.
13:55:52 <shaon> okay, will be back on 3pm then :)
13:55:54 <shaon> thanks :)
13:55:59 <gregdek> Thanks shaon. See you then.
14:16:13 <mchua> Let me end the meeting here.
14:16:15 <mchua> #endmeeting