18:38:28 <hspencer> #startmeeting Image/Instance Management - 11 Nov 2011
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18:38:47 <hspencer> #meetingname Image/Instance Management Meeting
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18:39:06 <dak419> sweet
18:39:19 <dak419> rollcall?
18:39:39 <hspencer> #nick hspencer
18:39:49 <hspencer> #nick dak419
18:39:56 <dak419> *here, obviously*
18:40:00 <hspencer> #nick greg-mobile
18:40:12 <dak419> btw, don't need to say nick for people actively involved
18:40:17 <hspencer> oh, ok
18:40:19 <hspencer> my bad
18:40:21 <hspencer> still learnin
18:40:23 <hspencer> :)
18:40:27 <dak419> np. me too!
18:40:43 <hspencer> anyone else involved?
18:40:49 <dak419> no obino?
18:40:54 <hspencer> he's on a plane
18:41:06 <dak419> gotcha. well, we can run a short meeting then!
18:41:11 <hspencer> yep
18:41:16 <hspencer> k
18:41:18 <hspencer> i will start
18:41:27 <hspencer> #topic Mailing List Integration
18:41:44 <dak419> how's that going?
18:42:20 <hspencer> #info we created mailing list called images@lists.eucalyptus.com
18:42:40 <hspencer> #info opened up image-management@eucalyptus.com to allow people to see it
18:42:55 <hspencer> for archive access
18:42:58 <dak419> were people transferred over
18:43:08 <hspencer> nah, you have to join the new list
18:43:36 <hspencer> #info to join new mailing list - http://lists.eucalyptus.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/images
18:43:48 <dak419> is it enough to send a message to old list and maybe a 2nd, then be done?
18:44:05 <hspencer> well, the only folks in teh old mailing list is us
18:44:12 <hspencer> i mean
18:44:14 <dak419> hehe.. np then
18:44:15 <hspencer> internal Eucalyptus folks
18:44:21 <dak419> right. good point
18:44:29 <dak419> once ought to do it.. if that
18:44:38 <hspencer> so we just need to send a email out to just let people know that its there
18:44:48 <dak419> so...
18:44:52 <hspencer> so thats it on that
18:45:03 <dak419> #action hspencer to send mail to old list about the new one, before shutting that one down
18:45:20 <dak419> see how I did that? :-)
18:45:24 <hspencer> lol
18:45:25 <hspencer> yea
18:45:31 <hspencer> i was gettin caught up in discussion
18:45:33 <dak419> ok, my turn
18:45:37 <hspencer> yep
18:45:41 <dak419> #topic eustore
18:46:05 <dak419> I've written tests for the eustore client tools using Vic's eutester framework
18:46:09 <hspencer> #chair dak419
18:46:09 <eucabot|test> Current chairs: dak419 hspencer
18:46:25 <hspencer> sweet
18:46:38 <hspencer> dak419, here soon
18:46:40 <dak419> I have working code, and need to finish packaging into a proper QA test
18:46:48 <hspencer> i will have a appscale image
18:46:54 <hspencer> that can be used on the ECC
18:47:03 <hspencer> any way we could possible get it in QA?
18:47:04 <hspencer> :)
18:47:31 <gregdek-mobile> ...
18:47:40 <hspencer> gregdek-mobile, they are a partner
18:47:42 <hspencer> like sister
18:47:54 <gregdek-mobile> ok
18:48:20 <hspencer> they are one of the winners of the Eucalyptus Concourse
18:48:35 <hspencer> working with Chris Bunch right now on the final touches
18:48:42 <hspencer> new web page will be released on open
18:48:53 <hspencer> talking about how users can use AppScale on ECC
18:48:58 <hspencer> to test out stuff
18:49:00 <gregdek-mobile> i dont even know what that is. concourse?
18:49:04 <dak419> Do you just want it run through the QA tests? I can do that.
18:49:10 <hspencer> dak419, yes
18:49:29 <dak419> do you have a url for the tarball?
18:50:15 <hspencer> dak419, not yet
18:50:17 <hspencer> i will hook you up
18:50:33 <hspencer> gregdek-mobile, Concourse
18:50:59 <dak419> #action dak419 to test appscale image in qa.
18:51:13 <hspencer> gregdek-mobile, http://open.eucalyptus.com/participate/concourse
18:51:28 <hspencer> we can take it offline and i can discuss with you more about it
18:52:11 <gregdek-mobile> okeydoke.
18:52:56 <hspencer> when you get back on land
18:52:57 <hspencer> lemme know
18:53:00 <hspencer> we can talk about it
18:53:02 <hspencer> call me
18:53:18 <hspencer> k, dak419 , anymore on eustore?
18:53:28 <hspencer> do we need to do anything to update the JSON file?
18:53:28 <dak419> no, I'm good
18:53:37 <dak419> oh, good point.
18:53:38 <hspencer> did we finalize the fields?
18:53:48 <dak419> I need to update that with the fields we discussed.
18:54:14 <hspencer> k
18:54:20 <dak419> that probably requires me to open the image bundle to get the info file off the image. If you guys have those separately, that'd save me a bunch of time!
18:54:25 <hspencer> yea, send an email out to the new list
18:54:33 <hspencer> and we will get final input on it
18:54:50 <hspencer> yea, we will have that separately
18:55:02 <hspencer> actually, we should have it in the same bucket, with a name
18:55:10 <hspencer> that is unique for each image
18:55:14 <hspencer> that we provide
18:55:59 <hspencer> #action follow-up with Graziano on providing image information for eustore
18:56:26 <hspencer> #action dak419 will send email to new list to discuss fields displayed by eustore tool
18:56:39 <dak419> ok. sorry. processing ...
18:56:46 <hspencer> its ok dak419, its old age
18:56:48 <dak419> but, that's fine. will do
18:56:48 <hspencer> :-D
18:57:02 <dak419> wife's leaving for work, so multi-tasking.
18:57:08 <hspencer> gotcha
18:57:35 <hspencer> anything else?
18:58:12 <hspencer> k, my turn
18:58:16 <dak419> nope.
18:58:19 <hspencer> #topic Starter EMI page
18:58:58 <hspencer> #info need to work with istruble to finish deploying Starter EMI page
18:59:02 * gholms teleports into the meeting
18:59:41 <hspencer> #action make blog about how Starter EMI page uses Walrus as download store
18:59:44 <dak419> good, we need someone else to assign things to!
18:59:56 <hspencer> #chair gholms
18:59:57 <eucabot|test> Current chairs: dak419 gholms hspencer
19:00:02 <gholms> Heh
19:00:33 <hspencer> #action make sure to do re-directs to handle old Eucalyptus image downloads
19:00:52 <hspencer> #action rename Image Creator's Guide page
19:00:53 <dak419> we talking about emis.eucalyptus.com?
19:01:00 <gregdek-mobile> oo.
19:01:05 <hspencer> dak419, yes
19:01:33 <hspencer> emis.eucalyptus.com is responsible for providing the interface to download the images
19:01:45 <hspencer> its a scripted instance
19:01:49 <hspencer> uses varnish
19:01:55 <hspencer> web caching
19:02:24 <hspencer> pulls tar-gzipped image from a Walrus bucket
19:02:29 <hspencer> caches it
19:02:37 <hspencer> so it can be downloaded quicker
19:02:44 <hspencer> also keeps users from bashing Walrus
19:03:01 <hspencer> anyhow, gotta do that
19:03:15 <hspencer> thats pretty much it
19:03:18 <hspencer> anything else?
19:03:37 <dak419> let's wrap it up!
19:03:41 <hspencer> cool
19:03:50 <hspencer> no other topics?
19:04:01 <hspencer> gholms, gregdek-mobile ?
19:04:01 * gholms recommends open floor just in case ;)
19:04:21 <hspencer> #topic Open Floor
19:04:28 <hspencer> gholms, thanks
19:05:06 <hspencer> i think there are crickets
19:05:07 <hspencer> ....
19:05:14 <hspencer> k, i am gonna move for this meeting to end
19:05:22 <dak419> 3nd
19:05:27 <hspencer> k
19:05:28 <dak419> 2nd.. doh
19:05:31 <hspencer> thanks guys
19:05:32 <hspencer> lol
19:05:35 <gregdek-mobile> nothing here :)
19:05:37 <hspencer> dak419, i knew what you mean
19:05:40 <hspencer> meant
19:05:42 <hspencer> cool
19:05:43 <gregdek-mobile> ttfn
19:05:57 <hspencer> k, talk to you guys later
19:06:00 <gholms> Thanks!
19:06:02 <hspencer> thanks for being here
19:06:05 <hspencer> see you guys next week
19:06:15 <hspencer> #endmeeting