19:02:01 <gregdek> #startmeeting Images meeting, 27 January 2012
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19:02:15 <gregdek> #topic Roll Call
19:02:18 <gregdek> Who's about?
19:02:20 * mchua does the bukkit dance
19:02:20 <gregdek> o/
19:02:42 * gregdek pokes mull and skvidal
19:02:56 <mchua> ...now we just need people who actually *make* images here. :)
19:03:03 <skvidal> hi
19:03:04 <gregdek> Ayup. :)
19:03:06 * mull waves
19:03:17 * skvidal is a complete newb
19:03:22 <mull> mchua, I make images all the time
19:03:27 <gregdek> ok. Anyone else who wants to say hi, feel free, but we're movin movin.
19:03:44 <gregdek> #topic Images Project Use Cases
19:03:55 * gholms is here
19:04:10 <gregdek> Okay! Since hspencer isn't around, I'm going to use this as Bully Pulpit time.
19:04:16 <gregdek> Yay!
19:04:17 <gregdek> :)
19:04:32 <gregdek> Just had lunch with skvidal and mull here in lovely downtown Durham.
19:04:48 <gregdek> The conversation quickly came to current topic: use cases for image creation.
19:05:04 <gregdek> And it seems to me like they fall into two categories that we need to address equally well:
19:05:31 <gregdek> 1. The admin from EC2-land, who is used to taking images that are already out there, poking at them, and snapshotting them (referred to by some as "frying");
19:06:22 <gregdek> 2. The admin from normal-sysadmin-land, who is used to using some combo of pxe+kickstart+postinstall config tools to build a reliable image that they trust completely, that is arguably "better for you", aka "baking".
19:06:31 <dak419> *is back*
19:06:49 <gregdek> We've focused a lot so far on the mechanics of moving images around, storing them, making them available to the UI, etc.  All good stuff.
19:07:11 <gregdek> But I think we need to have an earnest conversation about how *users* should be making *their* images, and how to make that process dead simple.
19:07:19 <gregdek> Is this a reasonable convo to have here?
19:07:40 <gregdek> And are my use cases the sensible ones to start from?
19:07:58 * mull thinks so
19:08:10 <gholms> Those are basically the only ways to make an OS image. ;)
19:08:15 <mchua> sounds reasonable - is skvidal the guinea pig from "normal-sysadmin-land" here? :)
19:08:17 <dak419> I think there must be docs from EC2 we can "leverage" or from the EC2 community
19:08:24 <skvidal> mchua: yes
19:08:30 <skvidal> fedora infra has some use cases
19:08:34 <mchua> skvidal: \o/
19:08:35 <gregdek> He's the rep from the "baking" camp, mostly.
19:08:38 <skvidal> I am eval'ing systems to see what will work for us
19:08:41 <skvidal> and yes - I'm baked
19:08:45 <skvidal> :)
19:08:51 <gholms> dak419: Most of them assume self-hosted kernels work.
19:09:01 * gholms builds his images from scratch
19:09:19 <dak419> but, EC2 allows you to bring your own kernel now, I think, or at least some choice.
19:09:19 <mull> gholms, do you use virt-install?
19:09:20 <gholms> But it seems like most of the guides out there involve re-bundling an existing image.
19:09:25 <gholms> mull: I use yum.
19:09:27 <mull> or something else?
19:09:36 <gregdek> I think part of the Q here is whether we're going to perfect Baking or Frying first.
19:09:38 <mull> ahh, just with --installroot
19:09:44 <skvidal> gholms: you use yum to build your images?
19:09:46 <dak419> eh, sorry. I think user can't bring own kernel on EC2. I mis-spoke
19:09:46 <mull> or whatever
19:10:00 <gholms> skvidal: I have to do a few things after installing packages, of course, but yes.
19:10:03 <skvidal> gholms: so - how much happens post installroot?
19:10:09 <skvidal> gholms: that's the tricksy bit, right
19:10:17 <gholms> skvidal: Remind me after the meeting and I can show you the script if I have it here.
19:10:19 <skvidal> gholms: so - why not just kickstart into an ebs directly, snapshot and be done
19:10:24 <skvidal> gholms: would love to look, thx
19:10:36 <mull> gholms, just blog about it.  ;-)
19:11:00 <gholms> I think the "customize an existing image" path requires more of a community and/or install base than we currently have.
19:11:38 <gholms> If we had stock images for several distros *and they were kept up to date* then I think things might be different.
19:11:39 <gregdek> gholms: does EC2 count?
19:11:54 <gholms> gregdek: Most current EC2 images rely on functionality that Eucalyptus doesn't have.
19:12:06 <gholms> self-hosted kernels, to be specific
19:12:11 <gregdek> Right.
19:12:11 <skvidal> gholms: I would really rather make my own, personally.
19:12:18 <gregdek> OK.
19:12:21 <gregdek> So it sounds like:
19:12:43 <gregdek> 1. Frying really does rely on a big body of images that we currently do not have access to;
19:12:50 <gregdek> 2. We've got a preponderance of bakers here.
19:13:08 <gregdek> So I move that we talk about Baking here.  Make sense?
19:13:25 <gholms> worksforme
19:13:42 <gregdek> okeydoke. So my next question:
19:14:07 <gregdek> What are the best baking tools that people are using now, and how can we simplify either documentation or integration of these?
19:14:18 <gholms> Boxgrinder
19:14:28 <gregdek> skvidal: you see? We're done!
19:14:40 <jeevan_ullas> so i heard boxgrinder supports euca
19:14:47 <skvidal> okay, I guess I'll suck it up, it just makes me so unhappy that it is not quite kickstart
19:14:48 <jeevan_ullas> is that true ?
19:15:06 <skvidal> gholms: what is it that bg is doing that is not just a normal ks?
19:15:11 <hspencer> i am here
19:15:11 <hspencer> sorry
19:15:13 <hspencer> was away
19:15:15 <skvidal> gholms: b/c I've never received a straight answer on that
19:15:34 <gregdek> hspencer: it's ok.  I've stolen your meeting. ;)
19:15:40 <gregdek> #chair hspencer
19:15:40 <eucabot|test> Current chairs: gregdek hspencer
19:15:45 <hspencer> its cool
19:15:50 <hspencer> i have been running around
19:15:55 <gregdek> #topic Tips for Image Baking
19:15:56 <hspencer> like a chicken with my head cut off
19:15:59 <gholms> Boxgrinder's appliance definitions work just like kickstarts, but with a completely different syntax.
19:16:04 <skvidal> gholms: right
19:16:09 <gholms> They don't use kickstarts because:
19:16:18 <skvidal> gholms: I have a massive infrastructure dedicated to ks
19:16:32 <gholms> 1. They require OS and release information that ks doesn't provide
19:16:50 <gholms> 2. They want plugins for $arbitrary_distro to be feasible
19:17:11 <skvidal> okay so 1. I don't need that info for anything
19:17:11 <gholms> For me, that isn't really a priority.  But AFAIK that is why things are the way they are right now.
19:17:19 <skvidal> and 2. I don't care about $distro - I care about fedora/rhel
19:17:32 <skvidal> okay
19:17:37 <gholms> Sure.  Boxgrinder needs it so it can pick what plugins to use.
19:18:01 <skvidal> so what is it that bg is doing that is not doable with a kickstart - is it just the plugins?
19:18:35 <gregdek> I think its magic is adding the per-image-type stuff to the images after the fact, yes?
19:18:37 <gholms> Those are the only bits of information they said *had* to be added when they added experimental ks support a while back.
19:18:47 <gregdek> Don't the plugins basically just decide which stuff to be injected into the image?
19:18:56 <gregdek> And also decide image format type?
19:18:58 <gholms> Yes
19:19:17 <gholms> This injection is one major reason I don't use boxgrinder.
19:19:29 <gregdek> Why -- because it injects the wrong stuff?
19:19:46 <gholms> Right.  I want cloud-init, not some random script in /etc/rc.local.
19:19:59 <gregdek> ok.
19:20:11 <gregdek> So I don't understand cloud-init well enough, and it's clear to me that I need to.
19:20:17 <gregdek> Where do I start reading up on that?
19:20:23 <gregdek> And how far along that path are we?
19:20:33 <hspencer> gholms, we should allow options
19:20:33 <jeevan_ullas> ubuntu vm-builder does that use cloud-init ?
19:20:36 <hspencer> cloud-init is one
19:20:44 <skvidal> cloud-init is a pkg which sucks files/info  from 169.254
19:20:46 <hspencer> but if someone wants to use a custom rc.local script
19:20:48 <hspencer> why not?
19:20:55 <gregdek> #info we need to focus on image baking, not image frying
19:20:55 <hspencer> its what we do for our images
19:21:03 <gholms> hspencer: I'm discussing the merits of boxgrinder, not trying to limit people.
19:21:10 <hspencer> ah i see
19:21:19 <hspencer> gotcha
19:21:22 <gholms> But it *is* easy to use.
19:21:28 <gregdek> We're really looking to converge on simple, well documented methods for image creation.
19:21:35 <gholms> What else is there?  vm-builder?
19:22:01 <gregdek> skvidal: what's your current practice for image building?
19:22:18 <skvidal> gregdek: for euca? I'm copying an image from the images-list
19:22:18 <gholms> gregdek: Start here for cloud-init info: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CloudInit
19:22:20 <skvidal> for our infra boxes
19:22:29 <skvidal> we use kickstart to make new boxes
19:22:37 <skvidal> virt-install + kickstart == system in like 30s
19:22:45 <skvidal> this is, ultimately, all I really want
19:22:47 <jeevan_ullas> i like the neatness of suse studio , i guess thats tue future
19:22:57 <skvidal> I'd virt-install + kickstart and then copy that as an image
19:23:02 <gregdek> Is suse studio open?
19:23:16 <jeevan_ullas> i dont think so
19:23:22 <gregdek> Bzzzzt. :)
19:23:24 <jeevan_ullas> its a hosted service
19:23:37 <gregdek> rPath did the same thing with their rBuilder (?) service.
19:23:52 <mull> gregdek, indeed, suse studio was largely a copy of rbuilder
19:24:03 <gregdek> But if boxgrinder works just as well locally, I don't see the value prop.  Not for us, anyway.
19:24:10 <mchua> I recall rbergeron saying that a suse-studio-like web frontend for bg was one of the things on her wishlist.
19:24:27 <jeevan_ullas> guys again not sure about the latest version of bg but does it bakes euca emi's ?
19:24:36 <jeevan_ullas> without any further work (manual)
19:24:44 <gregdek> jeevan_ullas: I think the answer is "not quite".
19:24:58 <gregdek> Still gathering ideas for focus, though.
19:25:16 <gregdek> Because if virt-install + ks is viable, we should probably document best practices around that, too.
19:25:28 <hspencer> gregdek, we haev some docs
19:25:33 <gregdek> hspencer: url?
19:25:35 <jeevan_ullas> ok. it would be great if we get these tools to support eucalyptus and grow our tools ecosystem garden
19:25:36 <hspencer> but we haven't organzied them
19:25:49 <gregdek> hspencer: what's required to do that?
19:25:55 <hspencer> time
19:26:01 <gregdek> :)
19:26:05 <hspencer> and organizin the docs
19:26:06 <gregdek> hspencer: are those docs all external?
19:26:12 <gregdek> Or are some of them Super Sekrit?
19:26:12 <hspencer> google docs
19:26:20 <hspencer> nah, just on google docs
19:26:26 <gregdek> Can we not just expose them and let some industrious person sort through them?
19:26:29 <hspencer> that we haven't made public
19:26:34 <gregdek> Why not?
19:26:35 <hspencer> we can
19:26:37 <gregdek> Is there a reason?
19:26:38 <gregdek> OK.
19:26:38 <hspencer> i dont' see why not
19:26:41 <hspencer> nah
19:26:42 <skvidal> hspencer: my googleaddress is skvidal@gmail.com
19:26:48 <skvidal> 'share' them to me?
19:26:49 <gregdek> Can I give the opening to you and we'll revisit?
19:26:51 <skvidal> I'm nice
19:27:00 <gregdek> Public them.  :)
19:27:14 * mchua chimes in a quick request to put the public links on the images redmine homepage so they're findable
19:27:20 <hspencer> skvidal, gregdek told me you kick ass..so i will do it out of fear..LOL!!
19:27:27 <skvidal> hspencer: haha
19:27:38 <mchua> (I'd do it myself, but it appears you need GOD MODE privs to edit project pages, so.)
19:27:39 * gregdek tries to image skvidal putting a beatdown on hspencer... nope.
19:28:03 <gregdek> #action hspencer will open current google docs on best practices and share urls on images-list
19:28:11 <hspencer> yep
19:28:13 <hspencer> i will do so
19:28:14 <gregdek> #action gregdek will update homepage of images project with urls
19:28:34 <hspencer> gregdek, btw, not sure if you saw my email, but Starter EMIs is public
19:28:40 <hspencer> also, emis.eucalyptus.com is publci
19:28:42 <gregdek> hspencer: I did see that!
19:28:49 <gregdek> hspencer: are you blogging that?  :)
19:28:52 <hspencer> emis.eucalyputs.com is running on Walrus
19:28:56 <hspencer> ya, i am
19:28:58 <gregdek> (And did it hit the Images mailing list yet?)
19:29:02 <hspencer> yep
19:29:05 <hspencer> check your email
19:29:06 <hspencer> lol
19:29:08 <gregdek> Awesome. :)
19:30:16 <gregdek> OK.
19:30:36 <gregdek> So let's bring it back to BG, since that seems to be the tool with the mojo.
19:30:56 <gregdek> mull: I think you have the ball on digging into BG to figure out what's missing for us, yes?
19:31:17 <mull> yep
19:31:32 <gregdek> mull: what's your goal?
19:31:38 <hspencer> are there any other tools that we are lookin at too?
19:31:45 <hspencer> or just BG for right now?
19:31:56 <gregdek> hspencer: got any you want to direct us to?
19:32:07 <skvidal> hspencer: have you looked at ami-creator from jeremy katz?
19:32:11 <hspencer> nah
19:32:16 <hspencer> i can look at it though
19:32:36 <gregdek> skvidal: is that more on the proper kickstart side of the world?
19:32:55 <mull> gregdek, goal for BG would just be to create an image, debug it if it doesn't just work, and then hopefully send Marek a patch.  :)
19:32:56 <skvidal> it is
19:32:59 <skvidal> lemme paste the url
19:33:07 <skvidal> http://velohacker.com/fedora-notes/announcing-ami-creator/
19:33:11 <skvidal> https://github.com/katzj/ami-creator
19:33:12 * gholms would like to see virt-install work
19:33:29 <gregdek> #action mull to get BG to build a working EMI and send a patch to BG team if necessary
19:33:53 <gregdek> gholms: I hope that hspencer's docs will help us move forward with that.
19:33:56 <mchua> Would it be worth it trying to get Marek in as a guest to one of these meetings in a week or 2 and try to queue up specific questions/requests for him at that time?
19:34:07 <gregdek> mchua: let's see how mull does first.
19:34:11 * mchua nods
19:34:21 * gregdek looks up ami-creator.
19:35:50 <gregdek> Hunh.  :)
19:35:53 <gregdek> "The new kid on the block is apparently BoxGrinder but I found it to be a lot over-complicated and not that robust. I’m sorry, but generating your own format that you then transform into a kickstart config and even run through appliance-creator via exec from your ruby tool just felt wrong. No offense, but just felt like a lot more than I wanted to deal with."
19:36:09 <gregdek> Well, jeremy was the maintainer of kickstart for years.
19:36:16 <gregdek> But he's kinda right, in a way, isn't he?
19:36:18 <gregdek> Stil..
19:36:36 <jeevan_ullas> lol
19:36:37 <gregdek> I care about having a tool.  And bg is closest to the post right now, it seems... but it would be great to look at ami-creator too.
19:37:36 <gregdek> But yeah, jeremy's points are well-taken.
19:37:47 <gregdek> "Also, lots of people have done lots of things with formats that aren’t kickstart… but kickstart configs have been alive and kicking for well over a decade now. I realize that they’re not what you’re used to, but there are tons of admins that use them every day. And the real win is that they’re used for *everything* so I only have to learn it once and I’m good."
19:38:00 <skvidal> and
19:38:02 <gregdek> This may well resonate with Euca users in RPM-land who may already be using tons of ks files.  :/
19:38:04 <skvidal> I'm not ONLY running a euca cloud
19:38:15 <skvidal> I'm running a euca cloud and tonnes of other systems
19:38:20 * gregdek hrms.
19:38:21 <skvidal> the other systems are installed via kickstart
19:38:25 <skvidal> 1 ring to rule them all
19:38:38 <skvidal> this is just me, though. I respect that I am a hobgoblin of small minds.
19:38:56 <gregdek> mull: have you looked at ami-creator at al?
19:39:31 <mull> gregdek, I looked at ami-creator when jkatz initially wrote it...
19:39:37 <gregdek> How was it
19:39:38 <gregdek> ?
19:39:51 * gregdek looks at last checkin time on github...
19:39:56 <skvidal> nov 2011
19:40:03 <mull> it made sense to me... I wanted rpath to make it work with conary and throw away our own proprietary stuff.  :)
19:40:13 <mull> but that was in about 2008 I think
19:40:18 <gregdek> November 9th.
19:40:22 <gregdek> 2011.
19:40:27 <gregdek> So he's still patching it.
19:40:42 <gregdek> So maybe boxgrinder isn't the slamdunk starting point.
19:41:21 <gregdek> And ami-creator is in python, if that matters -- may make it easier to integrate with eutester and euca2ools...
19:41:22 <hspencer> gregdek, btw
19:41:27 <hspencer> Olivier created a doc
19:41:34 <hspencer> in googledocs for boxgrinder stuff
19:41:51 <mull> gregdek, I was thinking of spending less than a day on BG... I'd be much happier using ami-creator
19:41:59 <mull> hspencer, oh, has he made it work already?
19:42:09 <hspencer> wow
19:42:10 <hspencer> k
19:42:12 <hspencer> so, yea
19:42:14 <hspencer> he has it workin
19:42:17 <hspencer> just lookin at it
19:42:17 <eucabot|test> Please use http://pastebin.com/ instead of pasting multiple lines into the channel.
19:42:21 <gregdek> LOL
19:42:25 <gregdek> Shut up, eucabot|test.
19:42:29 <hspencer> eucabot|test, are you serious?
19:42:31 <hspencer> lol
19:42:36 <hspencer> gholms, gotta fix eucabot|test
19:42:37 <hspencer> lol
19:42:39 <gregdek> No.
19:42:42 <hspencer> anyhow
19:42:44 <hspencer> lol
19:42:47 <gregdek> I like it when it gets mad at people for typing too fast.
19:42:50 <gholms> hspencer: Maybe you should just press Return less. :)
19:42:52 <gregdek> Adds spice.
19:42:56 <gregdek> Oh SNAP!
19:42:56 <hspencer> he has it using a kickstart file
19:43:02 <hspencer> LMAO!!
19:43:09 <skvidal> hspencer: but with the special comments, right?
19:43:14 <gregdek> We have *got* to get people to open these documents when they're created.
19:43:19 <hspencer> ummmm
19:43:28 <hspencer> havne't read it yet, lookin at table of contents
19:43:31 <gregdek> It's nice to know it exists, but we need to share this stuff.
19:43:43 <hspencer> he also has sample recipes for CentOS6
19:43:44 <gholms> hspencer: According to mgoldmann those special comments *have* to be there.
19:43:48 <hspencer> with rc.local script
19:43:54 <jeevan_ullas> wow sounds great it has got a table of content too
19:43:57 <hspencer> yea
19:43:59 <gholms> Ooh, nice
19:44:05 <gregdek> #action gregdek will ask olivier to open his bg documentation
19:44:08 <hspencer> hold ok, i will open it up
19:44:45 <hspencer> gregdek, i will add it to the list of docs to open up
19:44:58 <hspencer> olivier also did one
19:45:08 <hspencer> for creating LVM backed based images
19:45:13 <hspencer> he has been on it
19:45:17 <gregdek> Wow.
19:45:24 <gregdek> Someone tell lwade about this guy!
19:45:36 <gregdek> Well.
19:45:39 <gregdek> So here's the thing.
19:45:43 <gregdek> The more I think about it...
19:45:45 <hspencer> gregdek, he knows about it
19:45:49 <hspencer> my bad
19:45:56 <hspencer> lwade talks to him all the time
19:45:58 <gregdek> ...the more I think that ami-creator might be worth pursuing.
19:46:15 <gregdek> hspencer: I should have known. lwade is on it.
19:46:22 <hspencer> yea
19:46:29 <gregdek> Because tight integration with other python tools will, I think, matter.
19:46:31 <hspencer> k, so i have a doc collection on google docs
19:46:42 <hspencer> i am thinking of just opening up the entire collection
19:47:00 <hspencer> cause it just has image creation/management infomration
19:47:02 <gregdek> Be sure to slap some licensing on before you do.
19:47:16 <mchua> were we going to put these sorts of docs on a wiki at some point someday?
19:47:17 <hspencer> gregdek, you gotta educate me on that
19:47:19 <jeevan_ullas> well looks look like jkatz had updated the code in 2010
19:47:33 <dak419> I just sent the link to Jeremy's blog to Mitch (re: the boto reference there)
19:47:33 <jeevan_ullas> and someone else has patched in 2011
19:47:35 <gregdek> Copyright (c) 2012, Eucalyptus Systems.  Offered under CC-BY-SA 3.0.  Link at: (find the right link on cc site).
19:47:38 <gregdek> Done.
19:47:39 <skvidal> lemme ask a simple install question I was just asking mull about here
19:47:45 <hspencer> k
19:47:53 <gregdek> hspencer: slap that on each doc and we're good.
19:47:56 <hspencer> i will add it to docs
19:47:57 <skvidal> I have a kernel from the centos/rhel install
19:48:07 <skvidal> and an initrd that I would use to do that install
19:48:12 <gregdek> #action hspencer will put copyright and cc-by-sa licensing on google docs to be opened.
19:48:29 <skvidal> is there any way to pass boot options to the kernel for a new instance being created
19:48:31 <skvidal> ?
19:48:34 <mchua> hspencer: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/
19:48:40 <gregdek> thanks mchua :)
19:48:47 <gholms> skvidal: Not on a per-image basis :(
19:49:05 <skvidal> gholms: so there is no way to say 'get your kickstart from here?'
19:49:07 <gregdek> gholms: does cloudinit help with that?
19:49:15 <mull> gholms, my guess is you'd have to modify the libvirt template, right?
19:49:32 <gholms> cloud-init is only good for images once they're already installed.
19:49:34 <dak419> cc-by-sa ++
19:49:48 <dak419> (er.. +1)
19:50:32 <gholms> skvidal: Right now the only method of booting an image that eucalyptus has is the old AKI/ARI-like method that doesn't involve a real bootloader.
19:50:54 <gholms> This means that the only place one can specify boot args is in the libvirt XML, which is generated procedurally.
19:51:15 <gholms> I believe you can change that XML, but such changes would apply to every instance.
19:51:39 <gregdek> Which means if you want 5 different sets of kernel params, you need 5 images?
19:52:01 <gholms> If you want five different sets you have to boot them all on different clusters.
19:52:04 <skvidal> gholms: so it's not paired to the kernel?
19:52:08 <gholms> It's on a per-NC basis.
19:52:10 <skvidal> gholms: bleah
19:52:12 <gholms> skvidal: Not currently.
19:52:16 <skvidal> gholms: mull is explaining it to me
19:52:39 <gholms> One major feature request I am writing is images that contain bootloaders that "just boot."
19:52:41 <gregdek> I would like to understand this.
19:52:44 <skvidal> it sure feels like an unnecessary limitation
19:52:52 <gregdek> How do I subscribe to your newsletter?
19:53:04 <gholms> skvidal: That was the state of the art in EC2 in 2009.
19:53:10 <skvidal> gholms: okay...
19:53:21 <gregdek> Euca: Yesterday's legacy today!  :)
19:53:22 <gholms> Nowadays we should move on to better things.
19:53:29 <jeevan_ullas> lol
19:53:59 <gregdek> Ok, I think we've got some directional stuff here.
19:54:06 <gregdek> One more Q, though:
19:54:18 <gregdek> mull, since olivier has written a guide to bg...
19:54:28 <gregdek> ...maybe you should start an examination of ami-creator first?
19:54:59 <hspencer> gregdek, one thing that this bring up too
19:55:07 <hspencer> is if folks from the community
19:55:14 <hspencer> where can they host their images they make
19:55:15 <hspencer> ?
19:55:20 <hspencer> will we do it?
19:55:24 <hspencer> who will do it
19:55:28 <gregdek> hspencer: I think that's a discussion for some other time.
19:55:31 <hspencer> k
19:55:33 <hspencer> lemme know
19:55:39 <gregdek> I don't think we have the pipes to host a lot of images yet.
19:55:41 <hspencer> i would like to help out with that
19:55:44 <hspencer> k
19:55:46 <hspencer> i have ideas
19:55:51 <mull> gregdek, fine with me
19:55:53 <gregdek> But dak419's new tool would help us bring those upstream right?
19:55:58 <hspencer> that i think we can help with that
19:56:01 <hspencer> yep
19:56:17 <gregdek> #action mull will look at ami-creator first instead of bg
19:56:30 * gholms looks forward to hearing about it
19:56:53 <gregdek> hspencer: maybe we can spend a big chunk of next week's meeting talking about hosting of images, if you have ideas.
19:57:03 <gregdek> If we've got a good solution for that, I'd love to push it forward.
19:57:35 <gregdek> Anyway.
19:57:43 <gregdek> We're at the hour mark of the meeting I stole from hspencer.  :)
19:57:46 <dak419> I have docs about bundling images (assuming you have an .img file) for use in eustore. need to get those someplace public
19:57:50 <mchua> hspencer: if you have notes on your thoghts re image hosting, I would *totally* love to see a blogpost or something on it
19:57:52 <gregdek> dak419: YES YOU DO.  :)
19:58:02 <dak419> yes, let's talk all about that next week!
19:58:03 * mchua needs a little time ot digest these sorts of new ideas pre-meeting sometimes, still new to cloudland
19:58:22 <dak419> #action dak419 to move image bundling content to public wiki (images)
19:58:29 <hspencer> gregdek, peyote influences these ideas
19:58:35 <jeevan_ullas> great look forward to see docs in public soon
19:58:38 <gregdek> Love that peyote!
19:58:52 <gregdek> But peyote doesn't cook rice.
19:59:01 <gregdek> Aaaaaanyway.
19:59:09 <gregdek> Anyone else have anythign?
19:59:12 <mchua> damn, I *knew* I was missing something!
19:59:13 <gregdek> Anything, even?
19:59:35 <gregdek> OK, then.
19:59:39 <hspencer> looks good
19:59:39 <gregdek> Adjourning in 3...
19:59:42 <gholms> Thanks for coming, everyone!
19:59:44 <gregdek> 2...
19:59:45 <hspencer> yep
19:59:46 <hspencer> thanks
19:59:47 <hspencer> good stuff
19:59:48 <gregdek> 1...
19:59:51 <dak419> bye!
19:59:53 <gregdek> 1/2...
19:59:56 <gregdek> #endmeeting